Friday, October 27th — Knowledge Market Town Hall & Costume Party!

Friday, October 27th

@ 3:30-4:30pm

Lake Ontario Hall, 120

Fireside Chat Type: ROUND TABLE – TOWN HALL

Presenter/Guest Speaker: Carl Brown, Jen Torreano, Patrick Johnson, & Melanie Rabine-Johnson

Content: The Knowledge Market Administrators (Carl Brown (Speech), Jen Torreano (Research), Patrick Johnson (Writing), & Melanie Rabine-Johnson (Writing)) will host a Knowledge Market Town Hall for consultants from any Knowledge Market service. We hope to discuss the Knowledge Market’s identity, climate, growth, and function.

This town hall is for consultants concerned with or interested in contributing to the future of the Knowledge Market. Based on the conversation, we may achieve policy change/definition, discuss best practices, and brainstorm changes for the future.


*Approved Professional Development Event


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