Friday, February 2: Getting to now your Reader Identity – For multimodal consulting & reading support

Friday, February 2

@ 3:30pm

Lake Ontario Hall, 120

Fireside Chat Type: WORKSHOPS

Presenter/Guest Speaker: Melanie & Christine K.


The presenters will focus this training on the best practices, mindset, and strategies for working with reading and interpreting multimodal projects.

More and more courses are expecting students to complete multimodal projects; faculty agree that composing and interpreting multimodal “texts” is an essential skill for participating in the world beyond GVSU. Consultants, therefore, will be asked to feel prepared to support students in their efforts to complete these kinds of tasks.

This workshop will…

  • Include a list of and discussion about helpful definitions and terms related to multimodal composing
  • Encourage a healthy discussion about the ways in which consulting multimodal texts is similar or different to consulting written text-essays
  • Provide consultants with a chance to ask questions and practice scenarios related to multimodal composing and consulting


*Approved Professional Development Event


If you have any questions, feel free to email Melanie @ 


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