Friday, February 16th: Consulting with Non-Native English Speaking Students

Friday, February 16

@ 3:30pm

Lake Ontario Hall, 120

Fireside Chat Type: WORKSHOPS

Presenter/Guest Speaker: Melanie


The presenter will focus this training on the best practices, mindset, and strategies for working with Non-native English Speaking clients/writers.

Despite the fact that the Writing Center considers all consultations to be unique and deserving of your authentic and empathetic identity, which we practice at orientation, it is not surprising that working with English Language Learners (ELL) begs more preparation from consultants. Our primary function as consultants is to remain supportive, let the writer own the paper, ask more questions than teach information, call upon experts and resources when references best practices in writing, etc.; however, working with ELL clients requires consultants to know when breaking out of these mindsets is more helpful than hurtful.

This workshop will…

  • Include a list of and discussion about helpful definitions and terms related to consulting ELL clients, language acquisition, and writing in a non-native language
  • Encourage a healthy discussion about the ways in which consulting ELL texts is similar or different to consulting text-essays written by native English-speaking clients
  • Provide consultants with a chance to ask questions and practice scenarios related to consulting with ELL clients


*Approved Professional Development Event


If you have any questions, feel free to email Melanie @ 


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