Friday, February 17th – 2020 Suit and Tie: Learning from Past Mistakes to Dress for Success…Metaphorically

Friday, February 17th

@ 3:30pm

Lake Ontario Hall, 120


Fireside Chat Type: PANEL WORKSHOP

Presenter/Guest Speaker: Team of Leads & Melanie

Content: During this fireside chat, the Lead Writing Consultants will use their experiences in classrooms, in workshops, and at all locations over the past years they’ve worked for the Writing Center to discuss, share, and brainstorm strategies, best practices, and relevant tactics for navigating the job with tact, confidence, and professionalism. They will lean on past mistakes and successes in order to fuel the conversation about tips, tricks, and best practices. This workshop will include a panel discussion, a greater group discussion, and an opportunity for a Q & A.

*Note: if you’re thinking about applying to be a Lead, this workshop will be a great opportunity to learn from those in the position already.


*Approved Professional Development Event


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