Friday, March 16: Consulting Online – Synchronized and A-synchronized

Friday, March 16

@ 3:30pm

Lake Ontario Hall, 120

Fireside Chat Type: WORKSHOPS

Presenter/Guest Speaker: Melanie & Pat


The presenters will focus this training on the best practices, mindset, and strategies for working with clients/writers via Google Docs and email.

One of the ways in which the writing center adapts to the needs of students is by providing virtual writing support. This service, as it so happens, is one of the most transitive forms of consulting in the workforce — many businesses, individuals, and teams work via computer on receiving and providing feedback, editing and polishing projects, and general correspondence among workers.

This workshop will…

  • Describe the tasks of synchronized and a-synchronized writing support so attendants understand the differences/similarities to face-to-face consulting
  • Encourage a healthy discussion about the ways in which consulting online affects our consulting identities
  • Provide consultants with a chance to ask questions and practice scenarios related to consulting online
  • Open up the conversation to provide a mentor-group moment for anyone already consulting online


*Approved Professional Development Event

**Does NOT count as Google Doc or Email training — if interested, please reach out to Pat for a specialized training


If you have any questions, feel free to email Melanie @ 



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